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How to Choose Lockers Used in Swimming Pool?

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Nowadays the peak season of natatorium is upcoming, and market offers a rich supply of different lockers. Consumers in the choice of swimming pool locker, always puzzling how to buy. In fact, only need to grasp four factors, consumers can easily choose and buy desirable lockers.

1. Safety

When purchasing lockers in a swimming pool, the first thing to consider is its safety. There are two main types of safety. One refers to the safety of the material of the locker, and the other is the privacy security of the locker in using. The safety of the material of the locker reflects whether the raw materials of the locker in line with environmental standards. In the case of ABS plastic locker, the locker made by ABS plastic material is non-toxic and tasteless, and the smell is very fresh, in contrast, if locker made by recycling materials, it will include heavy metal which is extremely harmful to the human body. The privacy of the locker in the swimming pool is that the locker needs to be very strong. Because the swimming pool is different from other public places, the monitoring probe cannot be installed here, so it is important to ensure the safety of the customer's items.

2. Sensitivity

In order to give customers a better experience, the locks of locker in the swimming pool are generally selected electronic locks. The keys of these locks are bracelets, which can be carried on the hand without affecting swimming. Because the key will soak in the water for a long time, so when buy the locker used in the swimming pool, it is important to test the sensitivity of the lock. The sensitivity of the lock affects the user’s experience.

3. Design Structure

When purchasing the locker of the swimming pool, the design structure of the locker also needs to be noticed. The swimming pool has a lot of moisture, and it is best to use the ABS full plastic structure. Any locker with metal composition is not very suitable in this environment. Only by choosing a fully plastic locker can we improve the experience of swimming pool. Nowadays, the popular ABS all-plastic locker used in the swimming pool industry adopts the tenon mortise structure. The advantage of this kind of locker is that it can be dismantled and reorganized. This combination is very suitable for the planning and design of the swimming pool, and it is also very beneficial for maintenance and decoration of the swimming pool in later stage.

4. After-Sales Service

When purchasing a swimming pool locker, it is better to give priority to large manufacturers. The supporting facilities of large manufacturers are perfect, and various after-sales services are relatively complete. If there are problems of locker, it is very convenient to solve.