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Locker Locks

Locker Locks, a kind of locks that are mainly used on lockers, have been playing a protective role in people's daily life. The existence of lockers has brought great convenience to us, with the locker locks continuing to develop and escorting the security of our assets.

Toppla provides all sorts of locker locks for satisfying customers' special needs. There are mainly two types of locks that are mechanical locks and smart locks. Cam locks, combination locks and coin-operated locks are included in the mechanical locks we supply. They are made of ABS plastic, zinc alloy and brass, and are characterized by pleasing appearance and stable accuracy. Equipped with keys for emergencies, they can be trusted to be your guards. And our smart locks consist of electronic locks and RFID locks. About the methods of unlocking, cards, passwords and mechanical keys are available for different objects and requirements. They have led us to a more convenient and intelligent world with safety and reliability, which increases the efficiency of depositing and extracting.

Our locker locks are commonly seen on the lockers in all kinds of places, like schools, swimming pools, supermarkets, healthcare centers and so on. They are capable of completing the tasks of helping people watch their belongings and protecting the property safety well even in a place with a good flow of people. Being waterproof and anti-corrosive, long service life and high safety factor are all the reasons why our locks are trustworthy. And they are also easy to use and maintain, improving the user experience and saving the costs of manpower and operation. What's more, special materials and technical designs enable them to be appropriate for some severe dusty, humid, low-temperature and high-temperature environments.