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How to Distinguish the Quality of ABS Plastic Lockers

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The plastic locker is made of high-strength and impact-resistant engineering plastics. The mainstream of the market is the ABS plastic locker. Compared with the traditional wooden locker and steel locker, it has many special advantages, such as waterproof and moisture proof, never rusting, high strength, impact resistance, heat and acid resistance, DIY combination, bright colors, etc. It is especially suitable for swimming pools, stadiums, universities, gyms, spa baths, beaches, water parks, hospitals and other wet areas.

In recent years, under the general trend of consumption upgrading, ABS  plastic locker is widely favored, but at the same time, many people have doubts about it. Whether ABS plastic locker is durable and worth buying. There are so many plastic lockers in the market, what do we need to pay attention to when purchasing?

1. Brand 

Everyone has a deep understanding of the strength of the brand when purchase products. The brand can be said to be the guarantee of quality and service, and is the result of long-term reputation accumulation. Therefore, well-known brand manufacturers should be the first choice of everyone.

2. Appearance of plastic locker

ABS plastic lockers are made of large-scale plastic injection machine to melt plastic pellets at high temperature, and then inject to the mold. Therefore, the fineness of the mold determines the workmanship and texture of product. Toppla adopts high-strength steel and high-standard mold, so the product is smooth without roughness, beautiful in appearance and delicate in texture.


3. Raw materials of plastic lockers

The easiest way to check is to smell, read and step. After opening the locker door, smell it with your nose. If there is an obvious odour or pungent or even tearful situation, it is obvious that there is a problem with the material. Looking at the color brightness, gloss, etc. of the product, product made by new material should be the light gray of the door panel, and the color of the locker is uniform. If you see the door panel is dull, and the locker is black or has a particularly obvious color difference, that means the product has a problem. In the final step you can take a step on the board to test whether the product is secure.

4. Comprehensive reference of market price

Because of the high cost of mold development and raw materials, the price of ABS plastic locker is higher than that of iron locker, which is basically the same as that of stainless steel locker. If you see the price of a plastic locker is particularly cheap, it doesn’t mean the product is cheap and fine. It may be an inferior product made by waste plastics and recycled plastics.