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Toppla locker has been dedicated to manufacturing and supplying ABS plastic lockers and HDPE plastic lockers. We can offer a smart and modern storage solution suited for many applications. Our plastic lockers are built to be versatile, to endure humidity and moisture. They are the ideal choice over the traditional lockers.

These plastic lockers are built of engineering grade ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and high density made of high density polyethylene. Therefore, they are popular for several reasons.

Durability: Toppla's plastic lockers series are durable and strong. What'more, they will be able to last through significant wear and tear. They are also made from plastic so they can be easily sanitised.

Design: The plastic locker series are offered in a range of colours and sizes and they can be easily customised to meet the design arrangements of your facility.

Versatility: As we have different sizing dimensions, increased durability and multiple lock options, Toppla's plastic lockers are designed to suit the demands of different storage needs and capacities.

Plastic Lockers
Plastic Lockers