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Plastic Lockers Series

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Plastic Lockers Series

Toppla Locker offers a comprehensive range of lockers and locks. Our recyclable plastic lockers are ideal for various applications and scenarios. Our extensive range of ABS lockers and heavy duty plastic lockers ensure that we have the right solution for your project. 

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Plastic lockers are gaining popularity. Resistant to water and scratches, dents, and graffiti, it is a solid investment for any facility. The plastic lockers are more resilient to impact damage and there are a variety of sizes, colors, and styles available. We’d like to list out our plastic lockers series for your choice. 

PVC Lockers

T-382XXL Single tier locker               
T-382XL Single tier locker 

ABS lockers Generation 1

T-382L, T-320L-50, T-320L-42 Double tier locker
T-382M, T-320M-50, T-320M-42 Triple tier locker 

T-382S, T-320S-50, T-320S-42 Four tier locker 
T-320F-42, T-280S Five tier locker
T-382E, T-320E-50, T-320E-42 Six tier locker 
T-280E 8 tier or 9 tier locker

ABS lockers Generation 2 

T-B382L, T-B480L Double tier locker
T-B382M Triple tier locker 
T-B382S Four tier locker 
T-B400F Five tier locker
T-B382E, T-B330E, T-B355 Six tier locker 

Heavy Duty Plastic Lockers (HDPE Lockers)

T-H385XXL, T-H500XL, T-H385L, T-H385M, T-H385S, T-H320S Single tier locker 
T-H385XXL/2, T-H385L/2, T-H385M/2 Double tier locker
T-H385XXL/3 Triple tier locker 
T-H385XXL/4, T-H385L/4 Four tier locker
T-H385XXL/6 Six tier locker 
T-H385XXL/8 Eight tier locker 

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Plastic Lockers Series