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The Smart Locker Is Changing the Way of Storage Systems

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Smart lockers are changing the way of today's storage systems. In light of the growing preference for convenience and flexibility in how customers pick up a package or online orders, more and more lockers suppliers are recognizing the benefits associated with integrating a smart locker solution into their storage systems. 

As one of the leading manufacturers of ABS plastic lockers and HDPE lockers, Toppla locker has been manufacturing durable plastic lockers and multiple locks for over a decade. Facing the increasing storage management challenges of different industries, our locker factory integrates plastic lockers with a variety of intelligent systems to launch smart solutions suitable for various industry scenarios: smart school lockers, smart parcel lockers, smart fitness lockers, smart office cabinets and others to meet the convenient storage demands of different industries.

Smart Lockers

In China, Toppla locker's smart lockers systems have covered the smart face recognition, fingerprint and palm recognition. Regarding the overseas market, the major smart access solutions of Toppla locker are taking the form of electronic RFID lockers and digital code lockers. Once the users arrive at the locker location, they will enter their verification codes or scan their RFID cards on the kiosk touch screen. Then, available lockers will be assigned to them to use. Toppla locker is also working with overseas local distributors to explore the solution of mobile apps to realize the efficiency of payment and real time management.

Smart Lockers