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Product Alert: Electronic Code Lock for Lockers TL-A21

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TOPPLA started to manufacture plastic lockers since 2006. As the one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of ABS plastic lockersheavy duty plastic lockercircular plastic locker, we also provide lock accessories to match our locker to guarantee the locker quality. 

From marketing, sales feedback and R&D team, we finally launch this type of Electronic Code Lock. It can be installed in metal locker, wooden locker, plastic locker.

Considering the elderly and people with poor eyesight, we have upgraded the lock panel which is different with the electronic code lock in the market to provide best identification and operation.

  • Bigger digital buttons with enough the spacing.

  • Matching backlight design.

Toppla electronic locker locks

Moreover, this lock support Micro USB interface, which can be used for emergency power supply by android cable and mobile phone.

electronic code lock for lockerelectronic code lock back

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