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TOPPLA ABS Plastic Lockers Gain Recognition in India

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Being one of the fast growing country, India has become the most tempting market across the world. A huge amount of products are flooding in. The competition therewith is more and more fierce. How to stand out is critical. TOPPLA has been ploughing in this market for years. We believe that the key to success is cost performance and product orientation. The core of product development is to listen to market voice and to lead the market. Thus, our sales representative and R&D people flied there, attended fairs, visited local markets and talked to the end users several times a year.

Through the communication with users, we learn what kinds of products consumers likes and build up product development projects. With the involvement of customers in the development, we constantly introduce revolutionary lockers tailored to meet Indian market. Our ABS lockers have gained recognition in India.

Installation in India - Mojoland 2017


Toppla Plastic Lockers in Indian Hotels & Resorts

ABS plastic lockers made of durable and food graded ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Plastic), are with innovative design, sturdy construction, beautiful color for choice, perfect usage for school, health center, gym, amusement park, hospital etc. More benefit and more joy from the invention of ABS plastic that has flexible DIY structure, and colorful combinations. More and more customers purchase Toppla lockers in India, the export volume is growing stably.

500-Doors ABS Plastic Lockers Export to India