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TOPPLA attending the VIFA-EXPO 2018 in Vietnam

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From March 7 to 10, 2018, TOPPLA attended the VIFA-EXPO 2018 in Vietnam. This exhibition is an exhibition with rewards for TOPPLA's employees. Let TOPPLA take you to the VIFA-EXPO 2018.


The VIFA-EXPO 2018 is a specialized exhibition for all kinds of furniture and furniture accessories and a forum for interior design, interior architecture, woodworking machines, furniture and material suppliers in order to help the customer find answers or to make a choice among the selection of leading producers and brands.



TOPPLA brought ABS plastic lockers and heavy-duty HDPE lockers to this exhibition. Do not think that a plastic locker is not eye-catching. It has a wide application, which can be used in various harsh environment. 


Have you ever encountered these problems?

  • When you are shopping, you have too much stuff in your hands. And you can't enjoy shopping?

  • When school is over or you go off work, your desks are always messy?

  • When you are reading, space of the drawer is not big enough?

ABS plastic lockers are the ideal solution for these problems.


When our sales man introduced the use and type of the plastic locker to the customers, they were very interested in our lockers and ordered our plastic lockers on site.

"Customers are satisfied and staff are happy" is the aim of Toppla. Toppla adheres to developing and producing environmentally friendly products that make life more convenient. This is the main reason that Topola can be a global manufacturer.