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Toppla appearing in the INDEX Dubai 2018

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Established in 1990, INDEX Dubai is a trade show which has a strategic position in middle east. INDEX Dubai covers all aspects of design and product innovation in retail, residential, office, hotel, education and medical projects.
Xiamen Toppla Material Technology Co., Ltd. also participated in the INDEX Dubai 2018 exhibition from March 26 to 29, 2018. Let's take a look at this exhibition.


The products brought by Toppla in this exhibition are as the following.

Toppla's ABS plastic lockers have features of easy assembly, rich colors and many models. Different models can be combined, adding more joy for storage.

  • Heavy duty plastic lockers

The roto-molding technology is adopted for Toppla's heavy duty plastic lockers. Toppla's heavy duty plastic lockers are made of HDPE through molding technology, and they have very good quality. They have advantages of being extremely strong, durable, UV proof and weather proof.

  • School Desks & Chairs

Toppla's school desks & chairs have ergonomic design, which protects students' spines and helps children cultivate good sitting habits.



After the exhibition, we had a pleasant chat with local customers. We treat each customer with a sincere heart and become friends with our customers. We gain from every exhibition.

Welcome to visit our booth, and you are warmly welcome to visit our factory!

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