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Outdoor Storage Solution - Heavy Duty Plastic Cabinets (HDPE Lockers)

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Faced with rain, snow, cold weather, hot weather and unexpected surroundings, outdoor storage solutions are alway facing huge challenges. Please do not worry! Toppla locker has manufactured outdoor heavy duty plastic cabinets (HDPE lockers) are safe to use during extreme weather conditions. These heavy duty lockers are suitable for 60℃ to -30 ℃ providing safe and durable storage solutions for outdoor scenarios. 

Toppla heavy duty lockers cabinets are made of HDPE material, which is moisture-proof, frost resistant, anti-corrosion, rust proof, and UV resistant in outdoor applications..This strong cabinets can defense cold, hot weather and defense capabilities and violence. 

As an ideal solution for public storage, Toppla HDPE lockers are not only good for usage in outdoor area but also suitable for indoor scenarios like schools, swimming pools, gyms, stadiums and libraries. Learn more by accessing our website.