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The Unveiling Ceremony of Toppla’s New Factory

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After more than two years,  with the sound of a thunderous salute, the unveiling ceremony of Toppla new factory was held as scheduled in November. The completion of the new factory not only demonstrated the stable development of Toppla, but also laid the foundation for the company's high-quality development in the future, It is an important milestone in the company's growth.
Xiamen TOPPLA Material Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as TOPPLA) is a high-tech enterprise engaged in developing, manufacuturing and marketing of precision plastic products including plastic lockers, portable toilets among others. The new factory will be put into use, which will significantly increase the production capacity of all plastic storage cabinets and mobile sanitation facilities, and provide customers with faster and better services. 

At TOPPLA, we offer a wide range of lockers suitable for outdoors to suit the needs of any number of users. Ready to secure top-quality storage cabinet plastic that exceed your expectations? Contact us today to discuss your needs.