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Expansion of Toppla Locker

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Xiamen China based ABS lockers and HDPE lockers supplier Toppla Locker is expanding its manufacturing facilities later half year of 2023. It is scheduled to begin manufacturing part of its products at its new factory site in the same city. 

Toppla intends to make full use of this additional facilities especially for its core products: ABS locker, Heavy duty plastic locker, portable toilet and plastic sheds. Some manufacturing facilities including machines, tooling, personnel have already moved to the new site.  

Adopting materials, Toppla new generation ABS plastic lockers and HDPE lockers are ideal for being used in swimming pools, waterparks, hotels, gyms and other changing rooms where steel lockers would rust. The water resistant locker and anti-rusty locker are not only durable and tough but also requests for low maintenance. 



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