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Outdoor Waterproof Lockers

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Toppla's waterproof outdoor plastic lockers are designed to suit most conditions. They are water, UV and vandal proof. They are the ideal locker solutions for any outdoor use in a school, fitness centre, or swimming pool. 

Outdoor Waterproof Lockers

The features of  waterproof plastic lockers are waterproof, UV proof and vandal proof. They are easy to clean with doors available in a variety of configurations and multiple locking options. Door unit colours can be customized to suit a certain theme or create an interesting design element.

Outdoor Waterproof Lockers

The locker door fully covers the locker carcass, which effectively enhances the waterproof performance. Toppla waterproof locker is designed with a water strip that prevents rainwater from entering the locker, captures water and allows it to drain. 

A range of optional accessories is designed to increase the functionality of the locker. The waterproof locker accessories include a sloping top, locker bench, locker stand, locker numbering, hanging rail shelf, clothes hook and more.  Learn more by accessing our website.

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