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Toppla Provides a Suitable Storage Solution for Waterparks

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Waterpark lockers are under heavy use. How to choose the right lockers for your waterpark? Keeping in mind the wear-and-tear, it’s important to select durable, water-resistant lockers and well-constructed lockers to ensure a smooth operation within this challenging environment. 
Toppla lockers'ABS lockers and HDPE lockers are suitable storage solutions for waterparks. Constructed of durable materials, Toppla lockers can last for many years. With a minimum requirement for maintenance and servicing, Toppla lockers provide substantial profits and excellent return on investment. These lockers require minimal supervision and assistance and allow staff to engage in other customer service activities.
Toppla Lockers
Made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene engineering plastic, Toppla ABS Plastic Lockers are an inexpensive solution for areas requiring tough, washable, corrosion proof lockers. They can operate with coin payment or RFID access control and a variety of locking mechanisms including the key, combination lock and RFID. They are easily installed AC/DC mains power, no batteries or battery replacement for RFID locks and coin operated combination locks. 
Toppla Lockers
Toppla heavy duty plastic lockers suit areas for lockers tend to be located outdoors where they are subject to moisture/spray and high temperatures, which may damage lockers or affect their operation. They are tough and resistant to all natural environments, particularly water.

Toppla Lockers