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Toppla’s Waterpark Lockers

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It is always a challenge to choose the right locker for waterpark! 

It is often that waterpark lockers can be used to store wet towels, wet clothes, wet suits creating a humid environment inside the lockers. 

What's more, their doors are slammed and kicked from time to time. Their loose lockers keys can be lost or be an attractive target for opportunistic thieves.

Waterpark Lockers

First, durable lockers need to be selected in order to ensure smooth operations. Waterpark lockers are opened and closed multiple times each day by guests. It is important that doors and hinges are sturdy, durable and resistant to warping and twisting. The ABS lockers and HDPE locker (heavy-duty plastic locker) of top lockers have a very solid structure and are designed to last long years and even lifetime. 

Second, there is tendency that the waterpark lockers are to be spread across the park. Lost keys and assigning keys could be a tough job for the waterpark mangers. Toppla's lockers have developed a new type of RFID lock, making it possible to assign and manage the locker keycard at the front desk. 

Third, ABS lockers and HD lockers are microbial resistant, germ resistant and impermeable to moisture. The raw material contains no bad elements, ensures a healthy and sanitary locker environment. The maintenance is very easy via cleaning with towels and water. 
Finally, it also suitable that Toppla's HD lockers can be used outdoors with its UV-8 resistance feature. It also gives it a good reason to be selected as waterpark lockers.

Waterpark Lockers