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ABS Lockers VS. HDPE Lockers

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1. Material
ABS lockers are made of ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). HDPE lockers are also called heavy duty plastic lockers, which are made of high-density polyethylene. Both lockers are durable while the HDPE locker is nearly unbreakable. 

2. Technology
ABS lockers are manufactured by injection machinery and technology, which is quicker. Therefore, the lead time for ABS lockers is shorter, which is normally within 15 days.

HDPE lockers are manufactured by roto-molding machinery and technology, which is slower. Therefore, the lead time for HDPE lockers is longer, which is normally about 30 days.

3. Price: HDPE lockers are more expensive. On average, the price of 60% to 80% of HDPE lockers is higher than that of ABS lockers. Please refer to the attached quotation for you to have an idea about the price difference. ABS lockers' prices vary according to the way of combination. 

4. Flexibility: The design of ABS lockers is knocked-down, which means it is disassembled shipment. The base boards, side boards and back boards all could be separated. When shipping, the same parts will be packed into the same carton. HDPE lockers will be assembled before shipping. Only the door could be separated and the whole locker body is one piece. 

5. Colours:
The colours of ABS lockers: Lockers' side, back and interior are grey. Lockers' doors have many colors of choice. Red, orange, coffee, yellow, pink, grey, green, light blue and navy blue are at the same price for flexible choice without MOQ requirements. Transparent and other colors could be tailor-made at a MOQ of 500pcs. 

The Colours of HDPE Lockers:
The standard colour for heavy duty lockers' bodies is grey. However, the doors are available in a variety of standard colours. The price of all standard colours are the same. Tailor-made colours need more time and extra cost. Six standard colours offered at Toppla locker include red, yellow, navy blue, coffee, green and gray. Any other colours could be tailor-made.