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Located in Xiamen, China, not far from Guangzhou and Hong Kong, Toppla locker has been specialized in manufacturing ABS plastic lockers, heavy-duty plastic lockers, plastic benches, locks and lockers accessories among other durable plastic products over a decade. With continuous growth and development, Toppla locker has become a trusted plastic locker supplier and one of the leading factories in China. 

Toppla locker prides itself on offering a variety of ABS lockers, HDPE lockers made from corrosion-resistant ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and high-density polyethylene within the industry. The plastic lockers can withstand any humidity and environmental conditions and will not cause corrosion at all. The advantages of plastic lockers are not only that this material combines the strength and rigidity of the high impact, but also easy to maintain and can be washed if required. 

Toppla Lockers' patented knocked-down design for ABS lockers is absolutely a revolution in the industry. The ABS lockers could be assembled by hands without using any screws. The knocked-down packing also helps save shipping costs. It is truly modular and hence can be configured in a variety of combinations. They can be fitted in places with restricted height by configurations accordingly.
With a variety of colours, sizes and locks choice, these plastic lockers are strong, recyclable, waterproof, rustproof, colourful and endurable, providing comprehensive storage solutions for gyms, schools, offices, supermarkets, hotels, beaches, stadiums, hospitals, theme parks among other scenarios. Both the ABS lockers and HD lockers are dedicated to providing a safe, smart and enjoyable storage solution to the customers'needs.

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