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As more and more consumers shop online and global e-commerce sales have been increasing, nowadays it has become necessary to develop and grow parcel delivery lockers to improve the efficiency of parcel management.  
Parcel delivery lockers can help save time to facilitate deliveries for residents. Many time consuming processes like signing, sorting, tracking deliveries and logistics management for picking up time all become quick, easy, organized and secure via parcel delivery lockers. 

What are parcel lockers and how do they help with incoming deliveries?  Parcel lockers own the advantage of safe, secure and convenient package delivery and retrieval solutions for customers. These parcel lockers can accept deliveries from any courier with packages sent from friends, family and suppliers. Any courier can approach the parcel locker kiosk and enter their access codes. They select a recipient and place the package into an appropriately sized locker. Once the package is delivered, the recipient is instantly notified via texts, emails or mobile apps. Recipients receive a unique code that is used to pick up their packages. The users approach the parcel locker kiosk and enter in their access codes, then the corresponding locker opens and collects their packages.

As one of the Chinese leading lockers manufacturers and exporters, Toppla parcel lockers can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor lockers are weather-proof and both indoor and outdoor parcel lockers have multiple colours and are even customized with special colours.

                            Toppla Parcel Delivery Lockers                       Toppla Parcel Delivery Lockers