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Toppla, China Lockers Factory Newly Released Anti-Bacterial Lockers

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These days, you must know how important it is to prevent germs and other bacteria from spreading. That’s why Toppla lockers have specifically made a plastic locker for hospitals, schools, offices, hotels, swimming pools among others. These ABS lockers and HDPE plastic lockers are ideal as storage solutions for those facilities which need a line of lockers that can be used in any place where strict hygiene standards are enforced.

ABS Lockers

A specially-formulated material could be added while our ABS lockers and plastic lockers are made. This special material can stop harmful bacteria, such as mold, algae, fungi, yeast and mildew from growing and migrating. And it stays effective for up to 20 years and the goal of keeping environments germ-free can be accomplished. These lockers have been designed to prevent unwanted odors from those pesky germs. And these lockers are perfect for storing scrubs, uniforms, lab coats, sanitary supplies, and more.

Whether the lockers are installed in employee changing rooms or used as bedside ones, the protective effect made by our lockers will resist any ‘touch transfer’ of bacteria on the locker surface. Much better protection effect on the colonization of bacteria can be made in your office, employee room corners and seams and the hard-to-see surfaces underneath and behind the hospital locker. 

HDPE Lockers