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20 Creative Ideas for Repurposing Old Cabinets into a Gym Storage Unit(A)

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Repurposing old cabinets can be an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way to create functional storage solutions, especially in a home gym where space is often at a premium. Here are 20 creative ideas to transform those old cabinets into a gym storage unit:  

Weight Plate Rack: Mount the cabinet on the wall with shelves removed and install pegs or rods to hold weight plates. 

Towel and Linen Holder: Use the cabinet with shelves intact to store towels, yoga mats, and other gym linens. 

Equipment Organizer: Remove some shelves to accommodate larger equipment like resistance bands, foam rollers, and kettlebells. 

Mirror Backed Cabinet: Attach a mirror to the back of the cabinet doors for a full-length view during workouts. 

Wall-Mounted Shelves: Remove the doors and use the school lockers for storage frame as a base for mounting open shelves for easy access to equipment. 

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Bench Press Stand: Reinforce the bottom shelf to support a bench press setup, with additional shelves for weights. 

Belt and Rope Hanger: Install hooks inside the cabinet to hang belts, jump ropes, and other gear. 

Electronic Storage: Store gym-related electronics like heart rate monitors, headphones, and smartwatches, keeping them charged with USB ports installed inside. 

Medicine Ball Shelf: Create custom-sized shelves to neatly organize medicine balls by size or weight. 

Water Bottle Station: Install a water dispenser or a water filter system inside the swimming pool lockers cabinet with shelves for bottles. 

Workout Bookshelf: Keep workout books, magazines, and training manuals organized and easily accessible.